Surrogacy Resources

Surrogacy Resources

If you’re new to the surrogacy process, you’re probably trying to find as much information as you can get your hands on to help you feel better about how it all works. When I first started my research, I became extremely overwhelmed — I didn’t know where to get all my questions answered, or even what my questions should be. There are many websites and groups out there that can give you basic information you’re looking for, and I’ve learned that looking in more than one place allowed me to get a better understanding of how everything works. The best first step is to read and observe as much as possible from the various sites you find, and then once you feel comfortable with the basics you can post in surrogacy groups to get even more detailed information.

Getting Started

My strongest recommendation would be the site I go to the most: Their site has a lot of great information, is easy to navigate, and you can use the search function to find information on specific topics you’re looking for. Additionally, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is an organization that specializes in education, research, and providing safety guidelines for reproductive medicine, and their site has a lot of informational posts and videos that you can search through to understand best practices surrounding surrogacy. Alternatively, there are a lot of surrogacy agency websites that can provide good information, even if you’re not planning on using them for your surrogacy journey.

Facebook Groups

If you’re on Facebook, there are many groups you can join to get even more information. The group that I’ve found most informative is the Surrogates and Intended Parents group. If you’re specifically in California, the California Surrogates & IPs group is very helpful for getting information, as well as matching with a California-based surrogate when you reach that step of the process.

State Laws

On the subject of what U.S. state you’re in, it is very important to know the surrogacy laws in your state, as well as the state your surrogate will be in. Make sure to research your state’s surrogacy and hire a solid, knowledgeable lawyer before entering into an agreement with any surrogate. I would recommend starting with or Creative Family Connections site to start to learn about the laws in your specific state.

Hopefully this will help you in getting started with your journey! Also, you can always listen to Surrogacy, Baby! to learn even more on the steps of surrogacy.

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